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What part of “shall Not Be Infringed” do you NOT understand !

Call The Sergeant At Arms Today!!!!     1-802-828-2228

Oppose      H706  &  S178

Support     H128 (Pat Brennan) Adds Knife Protection To Preemtion

                        S621 (Pat Brennan) Legalizes Supressors in Vermont

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  1. My husband and I ran into you at the Sportsman’s Show today. We would like to know about any upcoming issues, such as gun control. Thanks!

    1. Great to hear Kristen!

      For upcoming issues, like legislation coming to the state, we recommend the Bill Tracker we have which is updated weekly.

  2. Visited the booth at the sportsman show. Just reviewed the website. Excellent ….gives the right information and mannerism.

    1. Wonderful, JR!

      It’s always great to hear the positives these days when you’re fighting for the future of citizens rights! We’ll keep plugging away as long as you’re all tuned in!


  3. Saw someone at Burlington City Hall Monday evening with a VT2A shirt on and did a search last night and found the site.
    I live up in the NEK so it’s nice to have a spot to keep informed other than the local rag.
    I will see you all in Barre in Feb, didn’t know about that until last night either.
    Thanks, Jim

  4. Hello! What’s the best way to fight these restrictive bills/proposals? I see on your Bill tracker a suggestion to call the Sgt at arms. However, should we write to the bill sponsors (even though the sponsor may not be from my Senate/House district?). Should I also write to my own legislators to inform them of a “NO” vote on these bills? I want to ensure we are maximizing our effectiveness to combat these ill-conceived legislative acts against the VT citizenry…

    1. Lawrence,

      Both calling th Sgt. At Arms and writing the bill sponsor is effective. Also let your legislators in your district know what legislation you approve and disapprove on. Be vocal and be polite.

    1. Larry,

      Use our bill tracker page. It has each bill that is out there listed. If you click on it it will open up the state legeslation database, there you can view the progress of each bill. Also explore the committee schedule links, that will let you see what each committe will be looking at each week. That is important becasue most bills are reffered to committess for review upon introduction and before the are reffered to the floor for action.

  5. First visit to your site. I had no idea about these pending bills. I found out this past weekend while at the gun shop picking up a new handgun for personal protection. I picked up a pamphet off the counter… “Vermont Second Amendment Coalition”. Thank you for getting this information out to Vermonters…”no compromise to gun control” is proudly displayed on the back of my truck…I will do whatever I can to be involved and will revisit this site often. I have written letters to the governor, and other lawmakers. I was disappointed at the email replys I received back from them. I am writing to be involved. Thank you

  6. New to the site. Found out about it at Alstead Gun Shop & signed the petition. I will be e-mailing all of my pro gun friends with a link to Vermont2A and will be checking in often.

    “Government is not reason; it is not eloquent; it is force. Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.” ~ George Washington

  7. I have one of the VT2A tee shirts. Looking to find a 2XL. None of the gun shops have them. Can you help me out? Thanks.

  8. I was born in Vermont. I’ve owned many guns. I’ve never had one turn on me. The reason I know that is I’m writing this comment. Native Vermonters have owned guns and ammunition for over 200 years. Vermont has had one of the lowest crime rates in the country. Perhaps it’s knowing that there may be a gun behind every blade of grass that deters criminal activity. There was a time when Vermont was known as a fairly conservative state. There was a time when parents taught their children, boys and girls, how to use a firearm safely.
    Then a wannabe politician from New York decided to make his millions in Vermont. The concept was developed to give away Vermont to anyone asking, ostensibly to be traded for votes. The moocher program has turned Vermont into one of the most liberal states in the country. The crime and drug industry has flourished under out-of-state politics.
    Now those visitors think that native Vermonters should not own guns or any amount of ammunition over that which fills a (magazine).
    The problem isn’t guns. Vermonters and their ancestors have had no problem owning and responsibly using guns in Vermont. It appears that out-of-staters,dragging their ignorance of the Constitution of the United States with them, think they somehow need to change Vermont to suit their ways.
    The truth is, folks, if you don’t like the way we have done things in Vermont for the last two centuries, YOU are free to leave at any time. Go back to where you came from. Tomorrow would be good.

  9. Please dont give up your rights in VT!!!
    NY turned many law abiding people into criminals with the SAFE act. It was totally not need and we are no safer for it.

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